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Technical specifications...

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Specification sheets on our coolant pumps

The technical data, such as the capacity in liters / minute in relation to the head in meters, please refer to the tables below and the data sheets of the respective pump:

Do you have questions of a technical nature, please send us an email to:


or give us a call: +45 7020 2047.


Specification sheets on Meta Lube cutting fluids

Product: P.Number: Unit:   Description: Spec.Sheet:
Meta Lube K 500.100 10 litres   Cutting fluid for steel, stainless steel blanks, aluminum
Our most popular fluid           
Download spec sheet
Meta Lube F 500.101 10 litres   Cutting fluid for aluminium.
Cannot endure the same pressure as Meta Lube K

Download spec sheet

Meta Lube Profile 500.102 10 litres   Cutting fluid for aluminium.
The liquid leaves no marks upon subsequent heating.
Download spec sheet
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